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Hydraulic nailing machine with belt (CHT)

The continuous hydraulic Nailing machine (CHT 02) is the ideal solution for companies with a daily product output of approximately 1500 pallets (in an 8-hour shift). Built with a tubular steel structure, the hydraulic nailing machine with belt is the best solution available to manufacture wooden pallets with a maximum...

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Bandsaw Pallet Dismantler (SSP)

The Bandsaw Pallet Dismantler (SSP) is designed to fully or partially disassemble the pallet in its entirety. The simple construction makes it makes a machine with great versatility. Two robust saw guides keeps the saw always in tension,even in mission critical work. The transmission loader and automatic tensioning allow a...

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Hydraulic nailing machine Master

The Hydraulic Master Nailer produces large pallets and / or perimeter pallet and/or closed pallet. It is a solution for companies who want to produce large pallets in an industrial way. The dimensions range of the pallets are from a minimum of 800mm long by 600mm in width to a...

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Hartco Eclipser Tooling Chart

Hartco Eclipser Model Hartco B series C Series Uses Hartco Clip Vertex Ref Eclipser 2000-1020 HR45(I)     CLP-13 CLP15 64A18SG 71A18SG Eclipser 2000-1022       CLP-32 CLP-33 76A22S 85A22S 88A22S Eclipser 2000-1121 HR-46     CLP-14 91A23S 96A23S Eclipser 2000-1929 cages HR45TH     CLP-13 CLP15 64A18SG 71A18SG...

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Hartco Eclipser 2500-2800

Hartco Clinching Tool Eclipser 2500 Durable Power That’s Easier to Handle The 2500 series has a composite plastic body and metal clip magazine. it uses collated metal clips that are fed into the tools magazine from a continuous coil mounted on a gantry (Hartco Coil Clip System). Tool includes an auxiliary air valve...

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 BOSTITCH  MCN150-E Stick Nailer Compact Metal Connecting Nailer 38mm Max Most advanced positive placement nailer on the market. Incredibly lightweight and simple to use. Designed for Metal connector Plates . Designed to work in the tightest  corners. Sequential Trip FEATURES Sequential Trip No Mar Tip Magnesium Housing Tool Lock out when...

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