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Hydraulic nailing machine with belt (CHT)

The continuous hydraulic Nailing machine (CHT 02) is the ideal solution for companies with a daily product output of approximately 1500 pallets (in an 8-hour shift). Built with a tubular steel structure, the hydraulic nailing machine with belt is the best solution available to manufacture wooden pallets with a maximum operating size of 1400mm (length) and 1200mm (width; the width is electrically adjusted). This nailing machine with belt comes with 7 jigs which are quick to disassemble and has high power to ensure a fast and precise process. The nailing machine furthermore has 26 nailing tweezers in galvanized steel with single pneumatic locking system (the number of tweezers can be customized to fit customer requirements). All the operating sequences are automated and controlled by PLC. Finally, the nailing system features all the protections and safety systems required by the applicable EC Directives as standard.


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