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Choosing the right compressor

To make sure you have the correct compressor for your application, follow this simple 4 step guide.

Step 1

Where will it be used? 

Make sure that you choose the correct voltage. If you are using the compressor on-site, the 110v version is most appropriate.

Step 2

Which tank size is most appropriate?

When choosing your tank size, just remember that the size of tank doesn’t affect the volume of air delivery of the compressor but it WILL affect the amount the motor has to run to keep the tank full.

If you are planning on using more than one tool from a compressor or you want to keep motor running noise to a minimum, choose a larger tank.

Just remember that what you gain in tank size, you may lose with portability.

Step 3

What extra features would be useful?

Most compressors vary not just in size and output but also in features. If you need extras such as twin air outlets or a built-in tool and fastener tray make sure you choose the correct model.

Should I choose an Oil-less or Lubricated model?

Air compressors are available in oil-less and lubricated models. Conventional lubricated units require oil to operate and need to be monitored just like a car engine. However these units are more durable than their oil-free cousins and perform best in continuous, heavy use environments. Oil-less air compressors on the other hand are ideal for lower volume applications, are low maintenance and can work at steep angles where lubricated units may experience poor oil circulation.

Step 4

How many tools will be used at once?

Calculating exactly how many tools a compressor will power at once involves a lot of variable factors such as the hardness of the wood, the type of fastener and, more fundamentally, what type of tool is being used.

All compressors should be operated close to the main electrical power source. Where this is not possible we recommend that a long air hose is used as a drop in line voltage may occur if run off an extension lead.

However, if you must operate the compressor away from the main power source, using an extension cable, we recommend:

  • 240v compressors – a 13amp 240v heavy duty cable is used
  • 110v compressors – a  16amp (min) 110v  heavy duty cable is used

Please ensure that you use a minimum 3.3 Kva single outlet transformer when using a 110v compressor.

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