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Bostitch IC50-1-E

 BOSTITCH IC50-1-E Coil Nailer Light weight and compact 360 degree adjustable exhaust. Depth control. Ideal for case making and feather boards. Protective guard prevents flying debris. Twist adjustment magazine for quick nail size changes. FEATURES Contact Trip Dust and Debris Guard Twist Magazine Adjustment Light Weight Impact Resistant Magazine Rubber...

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Bostitch 651S5 Frame Stapler

 Bostitch 651 S5 Frame Stapler Fast, flexible and reliable Aluminium Housing light weight tool well balanced. Versatile and compact Pneumatic stapler. Ideal for bed frame manufacturing  . quick release nose plate Single Shot or contact trip trigger FEATURES Contact Trip Rear Exhaust Top Loading Light Weight Compact nose Quick release nose Over-Moulded Grip Power...

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Fasco F1B 80-16

Fasco F1B 80-16 Upholstery Tacker Fast, flexible and reliable Designed with long narrow nose for excellent job visibility, Versatile and compact Pneumatic stapler. Ideal for upholstery one hand latch for faster re loading Reversible bumper for increased parts life. FEATURES Trigger Fire Narrow nose Bottom Loading Light Weight Rear Exhaust Easy...

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Hartco Coil Clip System

Hartco Continuous Coil Clipping System   Heavy duty stand used to support a pneumatic clinching tool and continuous coil of collated metal clips APPLICATIONS: Bedding, Furniture USE WITH ENCORE CLIP #s: Eclipser 2500, Eclipser 2800, or other clinching tool equipped with a hanger INCLUDES: Stand, balancer, regulator, hoses and track...

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Hartco VRC Machine

Vertical Rotating Clipping (VRC) Machine   Programmable machine that clips mattress border wire frames to perimeter coils of inner springs automatically APPLICATIONS: Bedding (mattress frame assembly) USE WITH: Hartco Clips on continuous coil; Bonnel; Offset Bonnel; and LFK coil assemblies PRODUCT ID: Hartco-VRC Special Features Specifically designed for high volume...

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Hartco Semi AK Machine

AK Semi-Automatic Machine   Allows precision placement of seat rail spring anchor clips APPLICATIONS: Upholstered furniture, such as chairs and sofas USE WITH FASTENERS: AK-1EW, AK-2, AK-3, or AK-15 clips PRODUCT ID: EH-RC-SAA8 Special Features Sensor determines accurate and consistent clip-to-clip spacing Operator uses knee switch to position first clip...

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