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PC8000/T6   T6 POWER TACKER   Crown:  11mm Staple Length: 6 – 14mm Tool Details The T6 hand tacker is precision engineered with an easy-grip handle, steel nose plate and rugged construction to make this tool powerful yet simple to use. Designed with an anti jam magazine for easy maintenance,...

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STCR5019 STAPLING HAMMER 12MM MAX   Crown: 11mm Staple Length: 6 – 12mm Tool Details Constructed with a die cast long reach handle for tough but comfortable use, the PC2K features a unique anti jam design that reduces down-time, increasing productivity. The 2 stick magazine capacity means less reloading and...

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CLIP Leg length Internal Clip CLIPS TYPE / Height mm Crown “D” mm Width mm BOX/COIL           HR-CLP-15G 9.92 4.37 11.11 10,340 HR-CLP-13G 10.72 4.37 11.11 9,400 HR-CLP-3 11.91 5.56 22.23 3,600 HR-CLP-312 11.91 5.56 19.05 4,320 HR-CLP-4 13.89 5.56 22.23 3,200 HR-CLP-20 11.11 4.37 17.46 6,110...

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Robotics (ROBOT)

DELTA, in view of our innovative service that is offered to our customers, implements the range of supplied products by inserting an automatic robot for handling pallets and robotic cells for the optimization of the production process. There is also the possibility to carry out specific automatic cells, with elements...

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Automatic Pack Cutting Machine (TPA120)

The Automatic Pack-cutting Machine (TPA120) has been designed in consideration of the weights and masses that it is required to cut and transfer. The oversized structure of the cutting machine coupled with state-of-the-art mechanics ensure smooth displacement and processing precision. The cutting system of the pack-cutting machine from bottom to...

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Hydraulic nailing machine ALL-IN-1 (ALL-IN-1)

ALL IN 1 is an innovative hydraulic nailing machine, which is able to simultaneously carry out the nailing of the upper part and the lower part of the wood pallet using a double bar. The clamps are designed to ensure the perfect nailing of the lower part without the risk...

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